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We are developing a program we call "The INFEWH-ture Project", which is Informatics at the Nexus of Food, Energy, Water and Health. The future of food both suffers and causes tremendous environmental impacts, and every single metric says we CAN NOT CONTINUE doing what we are doing. At the same time, there is an unfathomable complexity of external forces, and a cacophony of information noise.

The Symbiosis Centre is an applied research Centre that starts with the leading edge of mature solutions including anaerobic digestion (Biogas) with nutrient recovery. We meet the world where they are, dropping our work in at the back end of animal agriculture, in a location that is among the highest animal unit per acre concentration in the world, the Fraser Valley of British Columbia Canada.The Centre is designed as a competition hub, and has every component with an identical twin directly along side. This allows isolation to a single variable, in situ, in real time, and at multiple scales. It is all carefully designed, not to advance a single technology, but to enable complete/comprehensive food systems. 



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