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Why does Takacycle exist?

Africa, the fastest-urbanizing continent, experience Urban Waste Crisis with cities face huge problems of inefficient solid waste collection and management that lead to health problems, environmental risks and climate change threats. An estimated 2.2 million deaths each year are attributed to unhealthy environments and it's still climbing.

What can we do to change this? How can we make a difference?

What we are trying to do with TakaCycle is to accelerate Africa’s transition to smart and sustainable waste management. Our solution is our smart waste management model and the rewards-for-recycling platform that help, teach and incentivize households, commercials and organizations in low-income communities to fight against Urban wastes Crisis and capture value from their wastes.

We provide efficient, reliable, affordable, novel and environmentally-friendly waste collection, management and supply of raw material to the local recycling and manufacturing industries in densely populated urban neighbourhoods. And create something more from wastes either new products or energy ourselves or through our partners. TakaCycle with sustainable mean of sorting wastes at home and operating by using big data and a simple gamified Mobile App technology we will create a 10x better product and service than the incumbent and do it so at a lower price.

What We Do

We collect your waste like every other waste collector, and collect bulk waste on demand by using our TakaCycle mobile app. Instead of taking waste to a landfill, we sort the waste together with people at their site using the bags for organic, plastic, paper and e-waste we have given to them and sort waste in trucks during the transportation process to be delivered in our site or our partners, and then recycle 95% either ourselves or through our partners into new products or energy.

Why We Do It

We strive to make Africa rapidly growing cities like Dar es Salaam, Tanzania a cleaner and healthier place to live by collecting, incentivizing and educating people on 3R waste management strategies reduce, reuse and recycle waste into new products or energy. Our offering is to enable our customers to be green and environmentally-conscious, and contribute to a good environment that will benefits people, animals and the economy alike.

This is really important for the future of our Africa rapidly growing cities waste management.



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