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It is estimated that Dar es salaam tanzania produces 5,600 tones of waste per day. About 60% of waste generated in DSM remains uncollected and may end up in storm water drains, contributing to pollution of runoff water, rivers and coastal waters and exacerbating annual flooding events and the spread of disease. This trend relates to the high levels of informal settlement in DSM (some 70% of residential land is occupied by informal settlements). More than 90% of human and industrial waste in the city is discharged into open water bodies untreated, leading to groundwater contamination, public health risks, and environmental degradation.

the main cause of is beacuse here in africa we lack addresses almost 75% of residential is un mapped companies which are conducting waste collection services are having hard time to locate areas where they can find waste. also waste producer get cant waste collection services on time.

I decide to create a takawaste software,Takawaste we link waste collectors,recycling businesses and customer who need their services using mobile app.

We register west collection companies , recycling business and customer within our app waste collector will have access to see customers and location with online, recycling business will be able to know place they can get material to run their business and customer will be able to request for waste pickup in up

The use of mobile technology specifically GPS which allow to detect position of waste becausein our environmentis not geographical friend we have no physical address almost 75% of residential area in informal settlement which city infrastructure. These areas with no accessibility.



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