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TakeGreen wants to reduce single-use packaging nationwide from accumulating in landfills, oceans, and stormwater. 30% of landfill volume is disposable food packaging. Take green provides a reusable product and infrastructure for reusables to be used on city scale. In a nation wide survey, 87% of the respondents indicated that they were concerned towards the environment and 30%-50% of the consumers indicate their intention to purchase more sustainable products. We are providing hose products and making them desirable and convenient to use. 

In order to maximise the number of boxes used( thus diverting most of the trash ), our activities increase the number of subscribers and increase the number of boxes used per subscriber. 

To increase the number of boxes used per subscriber, we use behavioural ergonomics techniques such as gamification, loyalty points and rewards and make TakeGreen desirable to use as possible. We show them that their actions make a difference because attitude serves as precursors to behavioural responses and the individual needs to believe hey can make a difference. We do this with messaging on the phone app showing an individual consumer's landfill diversion. 

Finally, through customer discovery and quantitative research, we hypnotise that developing cradle to cradle, Not enabled vessels for food and water will support a business model that is replicable nationwide. 



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