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Hi everyone!We are Talad.Talad means "a place where people connect".Talad was created to enable all parties in the agriculture sector to directly connect with each other. Our platform is changing the agriculture market by incorporating technology with farming. The Talad Android & iOS application helps farmers in Southeast Asia (SEA) to find the right workers for their field, the right products to work efficiently and to apply the right technology to grow their businesses. Farmers can save money and increase their productivity while farm workers or contractors can increase their income by 20%. By matching farmers with farm service providers (contractors) through our automated booking process, we are offering a more efficient solution to traditional processes with brokers or middlemen.Our vision is to help increase productivity and accessibility in the agricultural markets, benefiting an overlooked, huge market potential of farmers in Southeast Asia. In numbers, 45% of the population in SEA is working in farming. That´s 140 million people. By introducing technology to those people, we are on a mission to uplift the agricultural sector in Southeast Asia.



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