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Tanaza is the unique owner of a cloud-based solution designed to manage Wi-Fi networks of multi-vendor access points.Tanaza Cloud platform is a cost-effective and time-saving solution for ISPs, WISPs, telecommunications operators, VADs, VARs, and MSPs.The key features of Tanaza software are:

  • Simplicity : zero-touch deployment, easy configuration and remote monitoring of the access points from a single web interface
  • Scalability : no limits in the number of simultaneous connected clients, splash pages, issued coupons
  • Freedom : supports a wide range of brands and models of access points

With Tanaza comes also the hotspot management , which includes:

  • Captive portal
  • Branded, fully customizable login pages
  • Social login (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more)
  • Dashboard for advanced WiFi insight analytics
  • Multi-role Couponing System
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Web Content Filtering tool
  • Rogue access point detection
  • Security and monitoring tools

Thousands of Tanaza Powered access points are already giving internet access to small and medium businesses, schools, colleges, hotels, hospitals, public venues, offices, retail shops, bars and restaurants, shopping malls, event locations, and many other users worldwide.Tanaza provides a cloud OS for Wi-Fi access points to minimize CAPEX and OPEX in Wi-Fi deployments.



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