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Tanzania is one among the countries which has large number of farmers, meaning Tanzania depends much in agriculture for it's sustainablity, It's approximately that more than 60% of All Tanzania are farmers and livestock keepers.As our country policy states that "agriculture is the backborn of Tanzania Economy" thus agriculture can create a room for employment opportunities to Tanzania yout and hunger reduction.

Dispute of that many farmers in Tanzania are very poor this is due to some challenges which face them and has not been tacked, But the most challenges which drawback there effort are.

1.Market, farmers doesn't have enough and strong market for the products in which they produce.

2.Agriculture Education, this is very big problem, in many vanulable areas farmers doesn't have any acess for agriculture education this is due to few number of agriculture officers which are supposed to provide enough knowledge to farmers thus farmers do there production locally that lead to unleasonable production.

Access of quality agriculture inputs, when I talk about agriculture inputs we also include seeds and equipments, smallholders farmers in Rural areas in Tanzania doesn't get any strong access of those inputs, this is because agriculture films are located In cities and towns, even when a farmers got them they in a high price in which farmer faill to afford.

Those are the main challenges which lead to small holders farmers failure thus it doesn't give room for youth to enter in agriculture sector. So may solution basically base in reduction of the mentioned challenges for the purpose of helping smallhorders farmers.

As it's proven that mobile phone penetratio in Tanzania. Is growing lapdly, the penetration it now reaching 70% that means even in rural areas they are now in easy access of mobile phones.this Mark a mobile technology to be a best solution for the challenges mantioned above.

"Tanzania na kilimo" is an online platform and a mobile application which dedicates it self in SDG'S Number 2 by doing the following.

1.Provition of quality agriculture education, as mentioned above agriculture education has been a challenge this due to luck of enough agriculture officers and other agriculture education means such as agriculture books. So Tanzania na kilimo consist of different agriculture experts and lessons in which a farmers can easy read and keep them for future uses.

2,Tanzania na kilimo consists of different agriculture films such as seeds providers so that a farmer can easly look and see a closer film which can provide quality agriculture inputs In a reasonable prices.through the pratform a farmer can just place and look a list of different agriculture films then he/she will choose a crosel film. It doesn't require education for a farmer to access.

3, a platform provide a room. For farmers to interact share ideas, knowledge, experiences and challenges. This will help them to create a strong relationship between farmers in Tanzania as well as getting different skills and knowledge from different farmers.

4. Through a platform a farmer will also get an opportunity to adivertise his/ her products related to agriculture, This will be a new room for farmers to curpture new customers. For example s farmers who having a sow can advertise it through a platform so as other farmers who are in need of it to buy. There is no middle man so this will help farmers to get reasonable encome for there products.

As Tanzania na kilimo aiming in reduction of hunger by doing this we are full filling a very big gap which exists between famers and  sustainable development.

1.Through Tanzania na kilimo more than 1 million farmers will get a better platform for selling. There products within 5 years thus will help to increase farmers efforts thus increase of food production.

2.Through the project farmers will no longer get unreasonable losses which are usually occuring due to improper following of agriculture rules for Example In a past year Nashon a farmer from Iringa region endedup in getting loss after improper useases of feltilizer this is due to luck of enough knowldge in feltilizer application. So through Tanzania na Kilimo will manage to help many Nashons.

3.Through Tanzania na kilimo we focus creating Jobs for more than 100 youth till 2025, This is due to provition of good environment for youth to engage them selves In agriculture activities. For example Maulid is a youth who holds Bachelour degree in Acounting, bit he didn't have anything to do due to unemployment but through Tanzania na Kilimo he has managed to start his farm and he his now successfully due to existence of all agriculture education that we provided to him.



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