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In the developing world, over half of the food produced is lost or wasted due to inefficiencies in the value chain, amounting to about 400 million tons of food at an estimated cost of USD $350 Billion.

At TBL Techno Agro Limited (TBL), we are helping to resolve some of the food crises challenge.We understand that effectively connecting the dots between
city clusters, quantity of food required, nutrition requirement, optimized farming, harvesting practices, effective storage, fit-for-purpose transportation, right packaging, demand driven distribution, effective marketing and branding of agricultural products is a panacea to global food crises.

To effectively connect all the key variables in the agricultural value chain we created Agrofresh an online solution to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to a wide range of underserved users in Lagos, eliminating the existing underdeveloped and wasteful value chain. Lagos has approximately 18 million people with an annual growth of 2.3% and an impending population explosion that could lead to food insecurity. This potential food crises inspired the Agrofresh innovation.

With the Agrofresh platform lead team
Austin, Chidi, Benjamina and Ebube were able to create linkages and trigger harvesting in a synergised way within the farm clusters. Fresh fruit and vegetables are aggregated through our Techno Agro Centers (TAC's) located in designated farm clusters and transported within 6 hours, as against industry average of 72 hours. We adopted food grade post-harvest preservation techniques, truck fruits and vegetables in well protected boxes to the packing factory for processing.

Agrofresh is able to forecast end user demand to trigger orders from farm aggregators, provide inventory levels across the supply chain, estimate orders from the market, facilitate production planning, simulate cost of goods and enable online purchase. Also as an alternate approach, Agrofresh can activate the supply chain, based on availability of fresh produce real-time in the farms. This reduces pre-harvest loses and promotes just-in-time harvest.

To compliment Agrofresh, TBL also developed an agro based knowledge solution called Kuriocity to provide the requisite knowledge for players within the value chain. On both Agrofresh and Kuriosity platforms we have effectively connected over 400,000 partners across the Agro value chain.

TBL Agrofresh and Kuriocity solution has proven to trigger increased farmer investment, farmer profitability, provide efficient supply chain, create jobs, drive active value chain, access to healthy food, drive food affordability, 14% price reduction, active demand fulfilment process, massive wealth creation and finally food security.



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