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The Teach for Nigeria has a vision that One day; every Nigerian child will have the opportunity toattain an excellent education. The mission is to mobilize leaders who will drive the movement towards educational equity and excellence in Nigeria. It recruits Nigeria’s most promising future leaders from varied disciplines to teach in Nigeria’s underserved schools in low-income communities through a highly selective two-year fellowship.

It is a transformational leadership program that equips Fellows with transferable leadership skills to effect change beyond the classrooms in the communities we serve. After the Fellowship, alumni of Teach For Nigeria build on their classroom teaching experience to drive long-term systemic changes in the educational sector in Nigeria as they progress into leadership roles in their varied professions. The Teach For Nigeria model is based on the proven success of 40 country organizations including Teach For America, Teach First UK, Teach For Ghana, Teach For Bangladesh, Teach For Nepal etc. who are all part of the Teach For All network.

According to UNESCO in 2013, Nigeria was ranked as the country with the highest number of out-of-school children in the world, approximately 10.5 million. Despite that, 60% of the children enrolled in primary school are not learning. The quality of teaching and learning is so poor that many do not go to secondary school, and of those that go to secondary school, many cannot even read and write when they finish and only about 10% make it to the tertiary level. This has frightening consequences for the development of our country. From access to enrollment and school completion rates, from quality to equity, a survey of the Nigerian educational scene reveals a series of disparities.

At Teach for Nigeria, we believe that there is no single solution to a problem as complex and systemic as educational inequity. Addressing it requires many solutions, from many directions. While we cannot single-handedly solve these problems, we believe that we can act as a catalyst to build a formidable network of determined leaders who understand the root causes of inequity and are committed to challenging it.Through the two years, Fellows receive ongoing support through a combination of in-person training sessions, leadership forums, as well as online training courses and resources.



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