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The digital divide in real! In most parts of Africa initiatives fail to use ICTs to introduce innovations alongs the agricutlural value chain due to the lack of digital skills by clients, beneficiaries and the general population. In the advent of climate change, this means that climate smart innovations such as the use of ICTs to give farmers current weather information or e-extension platforms fail to have the full usage and clientele as postulated due to this digitial illiteracy.  The solution to this is to TeachDigi!! Digital literacy bootcamps is the solution. From village to town hall to the Chiefs tree. TeachDigi bootcamps will be held anywhere during both the cropping season and the off season and will teach rural inhabitants how to use smart phones (generic use), how to use existing apps and smart ICT solutions in all sectors (those that already exist) and will teach them how best to get the best out of ICTs, smart phones and cliamte smart solutions.  



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