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  • By incentivizing stakeholders at various levels of the supply chain, we collect and distinguish lenses of uniform material composition and varying molecular structure at the global level. This will make the process of recycling lenses viable through economies of scale.
  • Frames (glasses and sunglasses) are kept in circulation through shared economies via an online marketplace where customers can rent or purchase used frames and have them fitted with lenses of their choice and power.
  • The frames returned by previous owners are stored in the retailers’ inventory, adjusted according to the user’s face contours and rented or sold according to the customer’s requirements.
  • In the process, lenses are removed are profiled according to a digital ID and sent to the lens makers for remanufacturing.
  • The savings from remanufacturing and reduced risk from input price volatility are distributed to various stakeholders at each level of the supply chain.
  • Consumers can stay abreast of fashion trends at a lower cost. At the same time, less virgin materials leave the natural environment.
  • The failure of charity programs directed at improving vision for developing nations is attributed to the fact that one person’s lens and frame are extremely expensive to match to another’s needs. Our company also make eyewear accessible to communities in need.



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