Tech Education: A Web/Mobile-Based Tech Evolution of the education system

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Around 58 million children are still out of the school. In Pakistan 23 million children still not are going to school. The reason is poverty. Children can't go to schools because they earning for families but this is the era of technology, with rapid changes taking place across the globe. Technology is even changing the structure of the social institutions. One big change in the social institutions has been observed in the Education sector, where the internet has become an essential role-player in providing an inclusive and enhanced academic experience. We formed the team Education and developed the education platform. The Education team consists of a passionate group of young people who have experience in the field of internet, software platform and online education. The Education team believes that improving education is possible through the use of Web/Mobile-Based to the poor and disadvantaged children. Through this platform, disadvantage student can, enroll study and can give exam from their homes. This aims to improve the inevitability of technology-education collaboration, the situation of Pakistan’s education system and the extent of success of online education in Pakistan for enrolment of disadvantage and poor children into school. Problems and Context: Educate the disadvantage/poor children through online Education.



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