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Through an online approach of training and business on child nutrition, 500 participants are carefully selected on a yearly basis across Benin for learning groups created on WhatsApp Technology. Those participants will each,after being trained,identify 10 malnourished children and as well 10 pregnant women in their immediate environments and support them with counseling, balanced diet, and the nutritious food products that we promote online through e-business, provide direct nutritional services, monitor nutrition in their communities, show best nutritional practices for children and women, as well as coach farmers on healthy production for the good growth of children and food marketers on the convenient food distribution for children.

We play an intermediary business role model between education and all types of food providers by thus connecting educators, food producers, food marketers, food manufacturers (...) to an online platform where to offer or promote nutritious food to children and women as end consumers. Just with a click, women, families and communities across Benin can easily access in their cities nutritious food for the good and healthy growth of children. Women, families and communities are daily assisted on the field by well-trained youths committed to the well-being of children.



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