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Africa child has limited exposure to technology. Schools have been hesitant to embrace the new approach to education. 


In a team of two, we have formed Tech Impact Africa that will take the challenge to transform the education system in Africa by putting a technology school tool in the hand of every child and teacher through affordable programs...

These tools will have content adapted to national school programs and cover primary, secondary and university programs.

Student will be exposed to technology, increase the collaboration student, peers,teacher and parents.

Offer best tools to special need students. Effective program to improve tremendously student performance in class and exams.

This program will offer equal access to information to African child in rural and urban area, with online competition organised each year, we return part of the income to students as scholarship.

This program will be self sustainable, will grow across the continent reaching cities, towns and villages. 

This program will offer thousands of jobs: Support team of technicians, 24h/7days customer care in 6 languages.

We have the project in phases to ensure its feasibility.

The impact of the project on the community is to bridge the digital divide and accelerate the digital literacy in Africa. But also, offer a tool to nature the youth innovation through technology.

After five years, this project will finance an assembling unit, of the tools used, locally in Africa to capture all the talents, offer thousand extra jobs to skilled and non skilled labor.

Our team of two, has the required management skills and experience, IT credentials , skills and experience.

Our partners are application developer and are focused on the research and development to continuously improve the solutions on out tool.

We aim at becoming the education game changers in Africa by introducing a new and affordable digital education with online and offline solutions for students, teachers and schools.

The implementation of this project is done in conjunction with the ministry of education in every country where we establish.

Security features are taken into account that's the reason we customise each tool before it gets to the hand of the users. Per grade, program and level of autonomy.

Young children will have online tools by default and can only connect online via WiFi with parental control code.

University students will use the tool with student package negotiated on their behalf with local internet provider.



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