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TERNION ENERGY is a R&D driven, IP-centric Cleantech / Renewable Energy venture focused on Sustainable Transport/EVs and Cold-chain Logistics. It aims to upend a $125B dollar diesel-guzzling worldwide industry with highly cost-effective and zero-emission solutions based on the following proprietary technologies (5 probable international patents).

1. Compact Wind Energy System (CWES) 

2. Augmentative Cooling Technology (ACT)

The above make it possible to offer refrigerated transport at tariffs that are AT PAR with regular, non-refrigerated transport thereby allowing access to distant and more profitable markets. Affordable and accessible cold-storage reduces wastage while allowing the producers (small and marginal farmers) to have better control over when and where to sell their produce. 

The underlying technologies will go a long way in reducing diesel/gasoline consumption thereby reducing harmful emissions while saving precious foreign exchange.



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