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TERNION ENERGY is a R&D driven, IP-centric Cleantech / Renewable Energy venture focused on Sustainable Transport/EVs and Cold-chain Logistics. It aims to upend a $125B dollar diesel-guzzling worldwide industry with highly cost-effective and zero-emission solutions based on the following proprietary technologies (5 probable international patents).

  • Compact Wind Energy System (CWES)
  • Augmentative Cooling Technology (ACT)

The above make it possible to offer refrigerated transport at tariffs that are AT PAR with regular, non-refrigerated transport thereby allowing access to distant and more profitable markets. Affordable and accessible cold-storage reduces wastage while allowing the producers (small and marginal farmers) to have better control over when and where to sell their produce.

The underlying technologies will go a long way in reducing diesel/gasoline consumption thereby reducing harmful emissions while saving precious foreign exchange.



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