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We have found a solution that can alleviate chemical pollution of the earth and clean up soil contaminated by oil products in both urban and rural areas.

The product suppresses evaporation of cancer-causing carcinogens and restores soil in both industrial and agricultural areas affected by oil contamination.

Our solution
Terrabacterin and Aquabacterin. These are innovative and unparalleled biological products that are highly effective at breaking down all types of oil and petroleum products, pesticides and herbicides and purifying both soil and water.

Terrabacterin and Aquabacterin neutralize all pesticides and insecticides by cleaning the soil and restoring its life and the ability to grow environmentally friendly products. For more than 10 years of their existence, these biological products have been certified by European organizations and have been awarded key international awards and prizes.

The integrity of these products has been confirmed by the ALS international laboratory, University of Cambridge, Latvian University of Microbiology and Biotechnology



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