ThatCoolBag - Carrier bag that plants trees

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ThatCoolBag addresses the challenge of moving towards a low-carbon circular economy and elimination of waste by doing the following;

  • Beating single-use plastic pollution

  • Globally we use more than 1 trillion plastic bags annually, with each bag used for approximately 12 minutes and then get disposed, with only 1% of it getting recycled, the rest ends up in landfills, our natural environment, and water bodies, poisoning both aquatic and terrestrial life.

    A promising solution to this problem is a shift to reusable and bio-degradable carrier and packaging solutions for consumer goods.

    ThatCoolBag is committed to providing this solution, provide consumers with not only an affordable carrier bag that is made from responsible materials ( low impact unbreached cotton and upcycled fabrics), but also durable, fashionable and can be reused for more than two years, and when disposed to the environment, can easily bio-degrade.

  • Absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere and ecosystems rehabilitation through tree planting

  • We provide our customers with an affordable yet responsible carrier bag, but the cool part of our business is tree planting, transforming our customers to tree planting partners. This also provides businesses and consumers with an opportunity to offset their carbon emissions and actively contribute to a fight against climate change, deforestation, and natural ecosystems rehabilitations. Founded by environmentalists with a strong faith in the business world, we intend to bring nature conservation at the heart of the consumer world, transforming every act of consumerism into an act of environmentalism.

  • Inspiring a generation of environmental responsible businesses and consumers

Consumerism is responsible for most of the environmental problems facing our planet today, and our mission at ThatCoolBag through our business model is to inspire a generation of consumers and businesses/retailers to understand the negative impacts our consumer behaviors are having on our planet, and cultivate sustainable means along their supply chain and buying pattern to address them, and we believe ThatCoolBag, the one thing every consumer and retailer need can do the job.



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