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Our unique approach will aggregate smallholder farmers across rural communities, provide them with quality inputs andnecessaryresources to produce and source the best crops, giving them access to premium markets meeting universal quality standard and ensuring good returns. We then reinvest a share of margin in the form of early childhood education centers, pre-schools for trained local women to run and educate their childrenpromoting social and economic inclusion for rural development.Education for the world’s most vulnerable children is everybody's business; that's why we give people the opportunity to invest in it. We intend to charge tuition rates affordable with no opportunity cost. Some parents may even chose to work as our teachers, earning them a significant wages while they watch over their own kids.

The Agronomads Company Ltd is a social enterprise dedicated to transforming rural communities through farming and early childhood education. We directly produce and source products from these communities and reinvest nearly 30% of profit back into local women to run our pre-schools providing basic early childhood education to children of 3 to 5 years.This way rural communities get a safe, affordable and accessible pre-school to send their children where they can rest easy knowing it's operated by a trusted members of their own community.

Our unique model also allows us tofind capable people to own and operate sustainable early childhood education businesses across suburban vulnerable communities.We retrofit existing informal day-cares with the help from our NGO and government partners to keep costs low providing a safe learning environment. Hence, we work with all our early childhood education centersto ensure they meet education and operation standards.



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