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The AllotMe GrowPod is a self-sufficient hydroponic container that can be employed in a range of urban environments. The GrowPod is about taking the advancements in vertical farming from the last decade, and democratising them in a package that is useful for any member of the public
not just those able to afford produce from environmentally minded grocery stores. Users can be allocated individual or multiple GrowPods per family to take control of their own food supply, whilst reaping the benefits of a more sustainable and higher yield growing mechanism. This also removes the middle man from the supply chain typically found in both traditional agriculture & newer vertical farming suppliers.

The GrowPod utilises a modular construction toolkit that can be replicated and scaled for use in a range of environments, from kerb-side parking spaces, to private gardens. In modern cities, where private garden spaces often come at a premium, GrowPods are able take advantage of the pieces of space in the city that are set to increase in availability over the next 50 years, such as car parking spaces
due to increased efficiencies in public transport, ride sharing and alternative methods of commuting. Depending on their application, GrowPods can be leased at scale from local governments to be rolled out in an area; or rented directly to users on a location-by-location basis.

GrowPods create a secure and efficient way of growing food in the city that uses up to 90% less water than traditional farming, whilst providing much higher yields. The technology applied combines innovations in water & ph management, remote locking and built-in analytics so that users can stay on top of how their plants are doing and real-time adjustments can be made. The GrowPod is also able to harvest rainwater and solar energy to allow for as little intervention as necessary.



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