The Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator

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Program goals:

The Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator is building more resilient countries, cities, and industries through partnerships across the public and private sectors, with the goal of creating the world’s first climate smart zone. 2020 is a critical year for climate action, with all the politics and science pointing to key milestones to boost mitigation and adaptation efforts.

Our project aligns closely with the Global Maker Challenge Climate Change program and the Mohammed bin Rashid Foundation’s goals for the environment and innovation. The Accelerator is dedicated to building a circular economy and a low-carbon society and we prioritize working through partnerships to maximize impact. Our pipeline of projects support progression to a circular economy, such as an energy transition program for 19 islands in the Bahamas, the creation of a clean energy blended finance instrument, and scaling of zero-waste clean water programs across the region. These projects benefit both society and the planet; they are low-cost to the consumer, reduce waste, and build eco-friendly infrastructure.

As the Secretariat for the Accelerator, we request the opportunity to contribute to the Global Maker Challenge to expand our impact across the Caribbean. In 2020 our goals are to:

  • Deliver 5+ partnership projects in at least 3 countries driving climate action in the Caribbean
  • Mobilize $5M from multilateral funders
  • Direct $3-5M of venture funding to Caribbean entrepreneurs with sustainable businesses
  • Engage 1M young people across the region through Regional Clean-Up initiative
  • Deliver investment events in Canada and the U.S., mobilizing support from the new government and private-sector partners

How we work:

The Accelerator is a unique entity: a non-profit based in the Caribbean with an unparalleled regional network of 26 government heads; companies like Google and Airbnb; influencers like Richard Branson, Usain Bolt, and Brian Lara; and global implementation partners including the World Bank and The Nature Conservancy. We have access to the most important stakeholders for climate action in the region – the key connections to get high-impact work done and make every dollar count. We also have a pipeline of shovel-ready projects to implement immediately, providing donors with measurable, real-world results to reach long-term organizational goals.

By leveraging our partnerships, we are fast-tracking sound, sustainable commercial and philanthropic investments to drive climate action and growth across the Caribbean. Establishing a climate-smart zone will provide tangible solutions to climate change and produce benefits for communities through job creation and sustainable investments.



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