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I would address this challenge by seeking to address the root cause of hunger, which can be summed up to a lack of resources. Lack of financial resources to purchase food, lack of resources to access lessons that can aid in skill development, and in rural farmers case lack of advanced technical know how to aptly and efficiently produce food. This identifies two main groups to target, the destitute, those experiencing extreme hunger, and the farmers we seek to empower. 

Putting this in the frame of this challenge, I propose building a large circular dome-like apartment complex, that will house those who are destitute. The residents, comprising of the destitute will serve as aids to farmers within a specified area, greatly expanding the reach and capabilities of the farmer, while they themselves receive shelter, food, and training for skill development. This skill would come via partnerships with universities and schools within the area. Most universities encourage and incorporate elements of community service within their programs, and this would be an excellent opportunity to capitalize on.

The farmers can gain access to research and technical applications for more advanced farming practices, as well as the labor necessary to quickly implement them. 

The destitute receive food, shelter, and skills training in farming or whatever skillsets can be facilitated and the local students will receive community service and depending on the skill sets being taught certain levels of experience towards their craft.

This hits three targets of the challenge allowing for the production of higher yields with less land, water, and labor inputs, facilitated by the introduction of theory and practical skills from surrounding universities and schools.

Improving coordination within the value chain of rural farmers, which supports sustainable food production, reduces post-harvest losses, and facilitates market access in favor of farmers through the help and support of the destitute

And lastly Increasing access to such technologies for vulnerable populations through the shelter, food and skills training made available.

The Colosseum would be maintained by the residents, with (hopefully) government support regarding land usage and various investment schemes utilizing a lump sum to provide a steady source of income.



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