The Discovery of Ice being Atmospheric

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It´s Savia´s true privilege to present the Mohammed Bin Rashid initiative the Discovery of Ice being Atmospheric – validated in 2016 - as ice readily harvests atmospheric waters altogether, right during its melt, factually gaining 5% of its weight. It’s been quite the remarkable news, that we have learnt to condense fully automatically, since the 1960s, before learning to condense manually - directly with ice instead – full food security likewise.

Imagine if we could make it rain & not ever, ever stop raining – atmospherically we can - right in Africa & 100% rurally too – the atmosphere still contains more waters than all our rivers combined – 6 times as much waters – clearly being our largest untapped water reserves worldwide. The atmospheric field grants 100% universal coverage & 100% rural coverage, requiring no heavy machinery & drilling altogether, never, ever, dries  up, ever, being the only water field to provide summer-time highs, while always providing the highest quality waters.

100% Water Security & 100% Food Security, for Life

Fully Covering the Sustainable Development Goals 6 & 2, Worldwide

Fully Covering Africa & Asia Atmospherically – Summer´s High Season now

100% Rural Coverage – 100% Active Systems – 100% Perfect-Quality Waters


Just in Spain alone, there are an estimated 500.000 illegal water wells, counting with hundreds of Spain´s small towns still suffering small summer-time epidemics – internationally, the situation reaching unmanageable levels altogether – counting with over 2  billion people worldwide still lacking safe waters at home, being one of the leading causes of death amongst infants, claiming over 1 million lives yearly – the atmospheric field is applicable in at least 90%-95% of these cases.

Agriculture alone already accounts for over 70%-80% of total water abstractions worldwide – yet only providing for 20% of irrigated fields, only 3% in Africa altogether – we trust the atmospheric field will be able to double & triple these amounts in just decades, right in Africa too, right through the hardest of summers. We both close the rural divide and directly benefit agriculture altogether.



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