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We need to build 1 billion homes by 2025 to meet the growing demand of cities. At the same time we need to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. Creating sustainable smart cities is a way for us to achieve this. However the current construction industry is not remotely equipped to tackle these 3 challenges. The mission of our platform is to create a new all digital, smart contract powered, transparent and efficient method for building our urban environment. 

The platform is a process management tool which enables all stakeholders, including people, to effectively collaborate on a project. Everything is kept transparent and the best technology can be assessed next to incumbent technology. Smart home tech, sustainable construction tech and all manner of other innovative products can be more easily brought to market through this system. A key differentiating factor is our desire to work with and integrate with local government and municipalities as they are key gatekeepers for innovative projects happening in their region. 

This infrastructure, whilst currently focused on helping the construction industry improve it's processes is the same digital infrastructure which a smart city should be built upon. 

Transparency via blockchain is built into the system. Data can be owned by the owner but permissioned access can be provided easily and often in automated ways. This free but secure flow of data is crucial in a smart city. Smart cities will need smart grids and often will be intertwined with numerous micro grids. Once again smart contracts enable trusted and automated trading of energy between parties in a way which currently is not possible. So far we have made a key partnership with the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor in the UK, which is a smart and sustainable redevelopment project looking to build 26,000 new homes and office/lab space for 24,000 new jobs. We are also partnered with ICLEI which is the largest and oldest sustainable urban development network, with 1500 towns and cities from around the world in the network looking to access to technology and develop their region in a smart, sustainable way. We are working with Advance London and hope to get our MVP into the hands of many London councils once we are through the current testing stage. 



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