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The FLextoR VillE project is meant to establish a solid and flexible platform that will fundamentally be involved in creating efficient programs of various forms (social events, public campaigns, documentaries, online/offline applications, websites, magazines etc...) with the main agenda of providing a harmonious human ecosystem that will favor the effective implementation of existing solutions or preventive measures in handling the problems related to peace and justice.

Considering the fact that people who are forced to be displaced from their homes are obviously destabilised psychologically and physically and also the fact that there are usually existing services or programs that can solve some of the major problems faced by displaced populations; the FLextoR VillE platform steps in to handle two things.

The first is to  initiate social programs that will create a harmonious atmosphere that will cater for the physical and psychological health of vulnerable populations, programs that will boost their creativity and sense of resourcefulness while providing them with a clearer vision of a better future.

The second role of the platform is to build a network(The FLextoR VillE Network) that will link the vulnerable or displaced populations to already existing services and entities that are competent and capable enough to handle some of their major problems. The FLextoR VillE platform is therefore acting as a facilitator and filter system that will permit the displaced persons, wherever they are in the world, to be exposed to well selected affordable and quality services. It is therefore the responsibility of the platform to research, review and effectively connect the displaced/vulnerable population to the most relevant services that respond to their demands. Should in case there are no existing programs, the platform will then initiate, assemble and supervise qualified individuals to build a service, program or product that can deal with the problem.

Beauty is the result when harmony is created out of chaos, and so in order to guarantee a certain level of self-sufficiency  and financial sustainability, the project has the ambition of establishing FLextoR VillE as a brand that will be known for honoring and valorising human creativity through its productions in areas such as: arts, culture, tourism, architecture, entertainment etc, while channeling the message of social harmony, resourcefulness and tolerance.

FLextoR VillE is therefore a "Social Harmony" engineering platform that is dedicated to being resourceful and flexible enough to create a beautiful and peaceful world.



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