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There is a clear disparity in the distribution and more importantly, consumption of food between the urban and the rural areas in sub-Saharan Africa. While over 70% of the food produced in the region is grown in the rural areas, where 90% of the population are farmers, over 50% of the children under 5-years of age are stunted or under-weight. On the other hand, children in the urban areas are increasingly becoming over-weight! There is therefore a problem with the efficiency in which we consume food in the region.

Two major causes for this; we have identified are:

  • Lack of proper awareness on the problem of under-5-malnutrition and
  • a lack of the right tools to measure the impact of our consumption on growth especially for children under the age of 5 years that the general public especially mothers and direct care givers can easily comprehend, engage with and use for themselves without waiting for a healthcare professional.

Our solution is called the GROWTH SCREENING WHEEL! A simple but undoubtedly very empowering tool specifically designed to engage mothers and direct care givers of under 5-year-old children in both the urban and rural areas in a fun and engaging manner to regularly screen their children for stunting, under-weight and over-weight by themselves.The idea behind this is that; if the direct care-givers have a means of easily screening their children by themselves, they will be able to identify growth problems (under or over feeding) significantly earlier and as such begin to correct nutritional imbalances in their food consumption before any morbidity.We strongly believe that an easy to use and accessible screening tool for stunting, under and over-weight is a missing link in the food value chain and will help create awareness and promote efficient and responsible consumption.



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