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As in nature eco-system, everything exists in symbiosis when the parts of something are intimately interconnected, working together for the mutual benefit, THE Home insists that the solution to the most pressing problems of nowadays must be holistic as well. That's why we offer not to focus on one issue separately, but instead to solve one by solving the others, making an opportunity out of the problem. 

So having the global food crisis coming and all these people that seek the place to stay and the job to take, and all these lands that keep loosing its fertility and poisoning our water due to chemicals overuse, and lack of people to switch those to organic maintenance practices, why not to bring these problems together to resolve each other?

THE Home introduces the concept of Global Network of Organic Eco-Farms that will place all displaced people, provide them with proper health care and education in exchange of their involvement in organic food production cycle, offering those, who are not interested in farm work, to receive necessary skills to take newly established “green” jobs in cities in collecting and recycling department, urban gardens installation ("Community Garden", "Rooftop Garden", "Warehouse Aquaponic Farm", etc), eco clothes production and second-hand stores, zero waste shops, recycling typographies, healthy food restaurants with products straight from the farms, new Community Supported Agriculture system (product delivery, eco packaging production, etc), tree planting and so on.

The global paradigm is changing and in order to support it we need people prepared and ready to take these new “green” jobs. And there are so many people that desperately need a place to stay and a job to do. It is in our hands to establish reciprocal relationships between the giver and receiver in the spirit of mutual aid. We want everyone to be a contributor in the uplifting of their lives, and we know that this will only take place when we look at every human as both a human in need and a human who is capable of contributing to our collective well-being.



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