The Human Rights Development Fund for Burundi

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The Human Rights Development Fund for Burundi is a new pathway of working as an innovative initiative of the ACPDH’s human rights defenders network to strengthening, protecting and promoting human rights in Burundi.

16 years on the ground, working as the Executive Director for this independent human rights organisation in Burundi, it was come a time for change and it is during the international human rights defenders Day, celebrated on 9th December 2019 at the globe when Mr. SAKE Mathieu, the President and Founder of ACPDH launched this Project. The human rights development fund for Burundi is a new way of working to advance human rights and protect rights of human rights defenders at risk in Burundi. It is also a new method introduced by ACPDH Team based on our long experience on the field being working independently and impartially and this has brought to us to rethink a new way of facing human rights challenges that affect people and institutions in Burundi. Trough out this human rights development fund, We want to call upon all human rights partners and donors to make their eye on supporting human rights organisations working on the field and with less means which make us to fail to address really the human rights challenges especially to interact with the government of Burundi on human rights pressing issues and urgent matters.

The implantation of this human rights development fund focuses on 7 thematic areas as following bellow:

 Protecting Rights of Human Rights Defenders at risk in Burundi

 Child Protection

 Gender Equality

 Inclusive Education

Livelihoods and social reintegration

 Emergency Relief Aid



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