The Ideology Of Arcophilism

About Solution

My solution is strategically positioned to save Africa of wastages of human resources through my three-pronged and fire-brigade approach to curb youth vagrancy, restiveness, hooliganism and regressiveness in Africa.

I seek to:
1. Harness the resources of the mind of every young African son and daughter for the creation of numerous jobs across the continent through my Arcophiles'Mind-Mining Mechanism (Arcophiles' M-Cube) tagged Don Tummy Quintuplicate Readership Promotion Projects.
2. Reposition African youth's for moral and academic excellence through my daily Arcophiles' Transformation & Empowerment Activities (Arcophiles' TEA) to be taking place in my emerging Arcophiles' Hub called African Readers' Camp for Optimization (ARCO).
3. Generate at least fifty million (50,000,000) direct and indirect steady jobs for African youths through my African Readers' Mentorship Business (ARM-Business), WRITES African Project (WRITESAP), Arcocentric Applets and so on via ARCO Business & Liaison Opportunity Centres (ARCOBLOCs) Africanwide by year 2050.

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