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Rural transformation cannot happen without sustainable and affordable telecommunications system established to support this transformation. As African, I have realized the big draw backs we suffer from, for our own development and transformation are tools to help us put our knowledge into actions. And the key tool is telecommunications. Not just texting or voice, but real communications such as email, which until now most of the people in Africa do not use due to the high cost of Internet.

Therefore, I would like to introduce the Lokole. TheLokole is an offline portable web and email network device which provides email and web applications to the unconnected communities.Not being connected on Internet in the 21st century, means missing a huge part of life's transformation opportunity. This is where the Lokole comes in. The Lokole is a device that enables and empowers everyone who is impaired by the poor communication infrastructure anywhere in the world to access digitized applications in a sustainable and affordable way:
The students, educators, nurses, farmers, NGO’s and CSO in the remote villages will be able to access important materials and be able to send and receive emails with attachments right in the village, without walking several kms to the main city to access Internet. Generally, the access to efficient communication is very important for sustainable andtransformation “beyond survival”, as highlighted by the UN SDG 9 and Kofi Anan: “The capacity to receive, download and share information through electronic networks, the freedom to communicate freely across national boundaries -
these must become realities for all people”.



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