The NBK governance equation

About Solution

Proposed in it's original format (totally scalable and adaptable) as Pt10-5 =(FAIIID /GU (S) +SPAIID) *YCF, this equation seeks to revolutionize how governance is carried out, particularly in a developing country setting. Drawing from the immediate post conflict recent history of its original target place of design, this equation offers how it can be done. 

It is already a known fact that governance is the biggest possible tool through which meaningful and lasting impact change can be attained for the largest number of people per time. But in order to successfully do this, some form of policy and political engineering must be attempted, which is what the originator set out to do (between 2017 to  early 2019 in Nigeria)   - with impressive short term results but owing to the costly nature of politicking, it had to be temporarily set aside. What is being considered at the moment is an attempt to build on the grounds and foundations earlier laid  particularly at this off season political period to ensure that a proof of concept is made which can aid the immediate goal of this challenge in providing succor, comfort, provision and access to sustainable services which would then be monitored, tracked and reported in line with the stipulations contained in the governance equation as propounded or proposed... 



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