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Waste Mismanagement
We recycle non-biodegradable waste to produce eco-friendly building products such as solar roof tiles, roof tiles, countertops, and ridges. These materials are lighter, stronger and durable relative to their normal counterparts.

Housing Deficiency
We provide affordable housing products which are instrumental in reducing building costs by up to 30%. Apart from being environmentally friendly, these products have a 0.01 rate of breakage. This means that less material is lost during the construction process, thereby rendering them a more affordable source. By providing affordable building material, we help solve the housing problem for Zimbabwe and Africa’s growing young population.

Most communities in Africa use electricity that is generated through coal combustion. This is a harsh process that releases a range of pollutants including sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds, and a range of heavy metals. Besides coal-generated electricity, the use of firewood in most Zimbabwean communities has resulted in increased desertification and altered biodiversity. The Noble Savage addresses that challenge by providing sustainable energy through our solar roof tile, which is integrated with solar cells that generate about 30 watts of electricity each, providing enough energy to sustain a household’s electricity needs.



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