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Imagine that we can provide a sustainable healthy inhabitant that has a social environmental impact, and make a great response for climate change; involve community and save us all, good money!! In my company; Ecoactiva, this is what we do. We develop and demonstrate through our practice how to make eco housing affordable, widely accessible and help solve the challenge of sustainability in urbanization.

We are addressing the challenge of sustainable cities. And from our perspective, the best solution for unsustainable urbanism, is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Sustainability is not only about implementation of solutions. It’s about the process. Providing content for those solutions to be implemented efficiently, is the first step.

A good design is well informed and our solution provides a holistic urban design approach. We offer a service thought an intelligent digital modeling platform, for the design and sizing of green buildings using the most appropriate solutions in energy efficiency, ecological materials and water saving to achieve green urbanization with a low footprint at optimal cost. The objective is to promote urban health and bioclimatic models with a low Carbone cycle that ensure an optimal use of natural resources as well as high thermal comfort. It also allows a wider access to clean energy thought making it affordable or a viable option in small budget projects.

The Moroccan market offers a unique opportunity for our product that in line with the public policies, regulations and strategy. But the use of customizable parametric platform makes it easy to duplicate in the international market with local partners.

We have three projects that illustrate the results of the platform. Different locations and solutions but they all share the same results of sustainability, and make the best of use of natural economic and human resources.



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