The Renaissance of Agriculture (R.O.A)

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My solution address the Challenge by using advanced techniques in an agriculture which helped us to increase food production without wasting water which is the internet of things (IoT) so my project is to make a smart greenhouse using meaningful insights from the data to yield a better return on investment. Sensing for soil moisture, nutrients, controlling water usage for plant growth and temperature sensor which control the humidity of the air by fans. The purpose of this thesis is to increase the crops with high quality without wasting much amount of water. My chosen design requirements must meet many requirements to be sufficient for solving at least some aspects of the specific problem. Being efficient is the most significant criteria that must be provided in our solution so in a more specific form. Our solution has to save the water and distribute the water to irrigate the field without wasting water with supplicate these steps we became achieved design requirements successfully. These results will never be being achieved unless certain material and advanced technology will be used and it will be elaborated later.

my project has already prevented the nightmare of decreasing the number of crops and its efficacy from becoming true. It has set a final solution to the big agricultural grand challenge and achieved the design requirements all at once. These design requirements are saving water quantity, efficiency and number of crops by constructing a smart greenhouse that provides a small climate for crops in terms of temperature, humidity and water conservation. It also has a positive impact on the environment because it prevents illegal farmers from wasting a huge amount of water and spreading harmful pesticide on the crops that can cause enormous challenges such as decreasing the quantity of water and the efficiency of crops, disease outbreaks. The solution is a great eco-friendly way by all standard indicators.



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