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The Rumie Initiative was founded in 2013 and aims to reduce the digital divide by delivering online learning resources with innovative Rumie technology, including our Rumie Tablet and Rumie App, to communities with limited or no Internet connectivity.

The Rumie Solution begins with the LearnCloud an online repository of high quality, digital, educational content which is crowdsourced by educators and other passionate volunteers in different languages and for different contexts. The LearnCloud was introduced in 2015 with the goal of creating a collaborative platform that would leverage the principles of the modern, shared economy for social impact. The goal is to connect people who want to use their skills in a purposeful manner, to those who have the most to gain from their efforts
in a way that transforms both sides for the better.

Rumie then works with on-the-ground program partners around the world, such as NGOs, schools, and community partners, who choose the learning material that is most appropriate for their unique context. That content can be accessed completely offline when it is loaded onto the specialized Rumie Tablet or any personal Android device via the Rumie App. The Tablet and App collect ongoing usage analytics (even when offline) on what content is being viewed and for how long which allows Rumie’s partners to evaluate which content is most valuable to learners and then they can change or update the content based on this feedback.



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