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 A successful agriculture is based on the environment surrounding the cultivated plant in terms of fertile and suitable soil to provide the needs of the plant nutiments, as the soil is the uterus that incubates the plant until it becomes something edible.  The avaailability of irrigation’s water  and the appropriate climate to collect the crop.

As agriculture is highly dependent on the climate. temperature and carbon dioxide (CO2) Increases, causes Changes in the frequency and severity of droughts and floods  and that could pose challenges for farmers and ranchers and threaten food safety.

Plants, like all living organisms, are exposed and threatened by many types of bio-aggressors, namely pathogenic micro-organisms (fungi, bacteria, viruses ...), animals (nematodes, mites, insects, rodents, ...) or plants (Weeds). These pests or phytophages water, nutrients from the soil ...) that induce homeostatic disturbances and affect their physiology, their morphology and their growth which causes a very low yield level to be obtained.

Beside of those environmental problems, it has been observed that most of  The peasants them are an uneducated persons and who are not familiar with the modern technologies the scientific research that have been applied to the agricultural sector. We also see that a large group of society despise this profession  because it requires great efforts and patience.

all of those agriculture problems won't be solved by a unique solution it must be the implement of a whole strategy wich in my opinion would be like :

1- It is necessary to establish contracting companies for the agricultural sectorة where these companies buy agricultural lands and  put an agriculture engineer in charge of each land who will employ and form workers so that the management  will be in a professional way  and the agriculture will be based on a scientific foundations .

2- changing the community's opinion about the agriculture by the launching of  an Awareness campaigns  that present the importance of the agricultural sector .

3- The spaces should be exploited by establishing greenhouses in areas with land unsuitable for agriculture.

4- Rely on vertical agriculture

5- Reliance on bio-agriculture.

6- There is a need to create smart green houses which offer for each plant  its own needs. This is done by establishing a database of all types of plants and  their needs ( the soil types, water quantity, nutriments, temperature and light intensity required by each plant) and It is equipped with fertilizer pumps, heat-adjusting  and irrigation machines. once the seed is planted, the greenhouse recognizes the plant and adjusts its parameters based on what the plant needs.



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