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Nigeria features in one of the 10 Countries with the highest number of out of school children in the world according to UNICEF reports, 60% of the population of out of school children are in the Northern region due to an increased rate of violence and humanitarian crisis. Not only are thousands of children victimized by violence and placed in Internally Displaced Peoples Camps, many of them have no means of support for schooling and live a life of delinquency and crime engaging in social vices such as armed robbery, prostitution, drug addiction and the likes as means of survival. This has caused an increased rate of violence and illiteracy over the years because a lot of the young victims are recruited by terrorist groups and used to carry out more violent activities. There is an urgent need for humanitarian action to break the cycle of illiteracy, poverty and violence by investing in their education, skills and mental health to make them of positive impact to themselves and the society. The total child project is working to provide immediate intervention to this problem through our work.

The total child project is a flagship program of The Senema Love Foundation categorized in 3 major areas: Child educational scholarships, skills acquisition trainings and child development program. Through this we provide to the out of school children victims of violence in Northern Nigeria educational scholarships, skills acquisition trainings in Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics (STEAM), trauma care, capacity building and mentorship through the child development program.

A traumatized person is a potential violent person, our unique feature is taking into consideration the mental health of our beneficiaries, we insist they receive trauma care to ensure they are in the right state of mind to engage in the project. We run an innovative curriculum that inculcates fun and learning making it an exciting package.

Our latest project involves the building of our learning center where we would engage over 300 children, This learning center would include a Lab where the children would have access to the Total child app installed on Computers, the app would be preloaded with content which would effectively provide educational lessons, skills acquisition trainings and online counseling gotten from a vast range of professionals from different parts of the world.



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