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The city of Tacloban was the center of what was dubbed as the first super typhoon recorded in ages marking the era of bigger and stronger threats. Being the ground zero of typhoon Haiyan, the community and the population of the province and its neighbors were taken aback by the scale of destruction it left behind. An unprepared community did not just leave behind billions worth of damages but an unimaginable number of fatalities.

This event opened the eyes of the country on the importance of location of developments. The city of tacloban seats on grounds that are exposed and susceptible to numerous natural hazards.

A city thriving to rebuild their home, Tacloban is seen to be a model community of sustainable resiliency by recreating the definition of urban progress by coexisting with mutual benefit and direct relationship with nature.

Biophilia is a concept applied in architecture by integrating strategies on how users can appreciate nature. The Wave takes a turn to recreate Biophilia and Organic Architecture as the harmonious coexistence of man, nature and the built environment.

The Wave is a development designed to coexist with the organic form of its environment. Strategic permaculture planning in integrated within the entire development to encourage on the site food production and maximize yield of crops.

A Net Zero facility, The Wave harnesses energy through alternative energies with provisions for Solar and Wind Power Generations. These applications secure clean energy to the development to support communication and secure.

Secure supply of clean energy not just for regular/basic uses but to provide emergency power for communication and maintenance of building performance at times of power disruption. Strategic integration of passive techniques to the structures to bring in natural daylight and ventilation to reduce the need and use of active energy without sacrificing comfort of the users and other building functions. (Light scoops, glare and illumination control, building envelope composition for thermal control)

Heat recovery (from ACUs, Refrigeration Units and other Mechanical Units) - re-purposing use of heat through thermal tubes to power cooling units and direct heat for drying laundry purposes.PicoHydro machine to generate power and supply energy.Filtered water for irrigation andintegration of aquaponics system to increase crop yields. create other source of food.Innovation of natural water filtering process through a carefully designed series of reed beds, cisterns and clay water chambers.

Use of clay water chambers for gradual/interval water distribution to maintain humidity of the soil and reduce possibility of draught even during dry season and reduce time to water plants.Integrated farming the built-structure to maximize and multiply capacity of food production.Air to water filtration system.Pervious pavers for site development



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