The wind energy tube

About Solution

I am presenting a unique concept regarding the challenge to sustainable energy.

My concept is based on the principle of "Jet Turbine".

As per sketch there will be a flexible tube in which a fan will drawn air through an inlet .the air will work to rotate a generator attached with the rear blade and power will be generated.

The front blade or fan will rotate with the air.

In other words this is a horizontal wind turbine to generate energy.

This tech will work to add something new in the wind turbine segment.

The rear blade or compressor will work to compress the air and the air will be exhausted from the tube passing through some circular rings.

In this way this concept will work.

Advantage :

(1) it will be a light weight design ,and flexible 

(2)the exhaust air will work to fill the efficiency gap created through inlet of tube.

(3)it will be very low cost,easy to manufacture and installing design.

(4)it will be a more efficient design  comparison than the available solutions.

(5) the length and diameter of tube will be depend on desired outcome.

(6) the rear blade will be connected with each front blade and there will be lot of blades .Each blades will be separated with the inner tube.



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