The World's First Customizable Smoothie Machine

About Solution

By processing the Healthiest & Nutritious Fruits and Vegetables in ReUsable, ReCyclable and Sustainable Drip-Free Canisters/Cartridges and placing the machines strategically in high traffic areas, we would hit multiple birds with one stone.

  • We would prevent the waste of good fruits and vegetables.
  • Feeding the masses healthier without increasing the production of food. Just by using what we already have.
  • Cost efficient and sustainable way, directly from the farms to the consumers.
  • No use of plastics, all materials are 100% ReUsable and ReCyclable.
  • The ingredients could be customized to any country's preference and availability of natural resources.

We provide the technology, as in partnering up with Food and Beverages corporations around the world and start Disrupting and Transforming the way we consume our Healthiest Ingredients.

"Symphony" Smoothie Machines are totally aligned with Nestlé's Vision and Ambition to make 100% of its packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025.

The Canisters/Cartridges of the Pureed fruits & Vegetables are 100% ReUsable and ReCyclable.

Nestlé would be the Ultimate customer for our Technology, and we don't need to wait till 2025, we have it NOW:

The Struggle to consume healthier and more natural ingredients would be a thing of the past, because HRH Mohammed Bin Rashid would have the people's best interest and Social Conscience available in a touch of a button.

The Customization is the main catch in this concept, its not "One size fits all" OR "what you see is what you get” there are other dispensing machines but none of them will allow you to mix and match between ingredients. In other words, every time you approach the machine you can get something different.

I see The Smoothie Vending Machines in Gymnasiums, Airports, Universities, Schools, Movie Theaters, McDonalds, Train Stations, Hospitals.

With Symphony's unique Canisters' --Drip Free Nozzle-
Mechanism we're eliminating all of the struggle, first you're not going to spend your mornings trying to make a smoothie and the afternoons cleaning the mess you caused.

This is not only cool, It's Amazing! We Don't Compete, We Create.



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