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After the Georgian-Russian war in 2008, Georgia received 26000 internally displaced people, around 1400 IDPs  (Internally Displaced Person) were displaced in Mtskheta-Mtianeti region in Georgia. Even after 11 years there are still signs of PTSD among them: depression, isolation, lack of interest in education and etc. according to teachers, there are problems even among those children who do not remember the war but are influenced by their parents. Most of the time children think that they do not belong in mainstream society. They do not like the label “refugee” and it is hard for them to live in new places. Tserovani IDP settlement is the biggest one with 2002 same type of cottages and 8000 inhabitants with more than 1200 youngsters. There are 4 other IDP settlements nearby in the region. Young people do not participate in local decision-making process, they still struggle to integrate into Georgian society.

As a result of displacement parents had to change their professions that they had before the war and started to work in order to survive themselves and their family members. Youngsters see this example and have lack of motivation to choose the professions and follow their dreams. But it seems difficult. Educational system and job market in Georgia are not well developed and it even makes the situation harder in IDP case. Without additional support, government can not provide proper assist for the internally displaced youngsters to support on their professional development process.

Overall summary of the solution is to provide Transversal skills training for refugee youngsters in Georgia, in order to support them to overcome the integration barriers and promote their educational and professional development process. Transversal skills training, specific professional development training, mentor ship and internships, we will support IDP youngsters to increase the interest and follow their dreams to become professionals in their desired field.

Project implementation team has 8 years of experience of working with internally displaced youngsters, moreover, we are internally displaced as well. We realize the situation and we have experienced an we are still in the process of integration. We have implemented several professional development projects, have enough human and technical resources and what we consider the most important – positive feedback from the participants and success stories of IDPs. 



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