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Tiger house operates a zero waste production system to process and add value to tigernuts, creating highly nutritious food and beverage for all class of people. Also, value addition to raw materials is not common in our parts of the world... This makes agricultural products very cheap. The fact that there are little companies utilizing tigernuts alone discourages farmers from producing it... This is where Tiger house comes in. We process and add value to the Tigrr nuts, creating income for the farmer and adding to GDP.

Tiger house products include


Our Tiger Nut Milk is a 100% plant milk product made from the tiger nut that provides the dairy needs of people who are lactose intolerant, strict vegetarians and all tiger nut lovers. The milk is currently served in 300ml bottles and disposable cups during events with a dispensing machine. The milk drink contains a high load of antioxidants. The antioxidants in the drink help delay aging process and prevent or even reverse memory loss, according to a study published in the December 2008 issue of the journal “Age”.

Tiger Nut Biscuit

Our Tiger Nut Biscuit is also an indigenous biscuit made from the tiger nut chaff. This is a delicious crispy biscuit enriched with dietary fibres from the nuts and tastes the same as taking a fresh tiger nut. The biscuit, made from tiger nuts is made to ease constipation and fight cancers. It is packed in a rubber and then sealed in a paper bag.

The biscuit provide a rich source of fiber. One serving of tiger biscuit has a whopping 10 grams of fibre, providing you with almost half of your daily requirement

Tiger Starch Spray

The starch content of tiger nuts is twice and equal to that of sweet potato and cassava respectively. This rapidly-solid starch is extracted from the nuts and prepared into a laundry spray starch. TigerSpray is made of different fragrances. Fragrances that will appeal consumers and give user the confidence to go even without body splashes. The spraying container is made such that the rate of outflow (either to spray or stream) can be regulated. The production of the Starch Spray has been suspended due to an on-going lab analysis which we are getting it certified and patented because of it innovation.

Value preposition ; “ NATURE’S NATURAL NUTRITION”

We bleive in the "Health Before Wealth" concept and do not compromise on the quality of our products for anything.



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