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Toto Designs School is an applied digital literacy training school for rural children age4-14 years that would never have the opportunity to touch a mouse in their entire childhood. It’s a blended leadership, business, management, and cross cultural. It’s a non-conventional school designed for rural children who share the dream of building a leadership career with global technology impact, and who want to form active, and lasting global digital network.

Through digital literacy programs; graphic designs, animations, web-development, topic session panels, networking sessions, company visits, and business consulting projects , our students learn new digital tools and gain insightful perspectives that are very essential to becoming successful leaders in their future .

During the intensive 12 weeks program, students find themselves among a diverse group of different super talented children, representing a myriad of creativity, drive, and offering unique based upon their background and cultural experience.

Our program requires no academic prerequisites and delivers no traditional grades. Students attend off conventional schools interactive learning sessions regarding graphic designing, animation and web-designing bundled with leadership and business skills. Students establish their own goals and objective identify their technological interests and work with our staff to map a customized and experience based action plan with either specialization of web development, animations or graphic designing.



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