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60% of the population in Sub-Saharan Africa live in the Rural areas.All the these people who live in these Rural settings depend on Agriculture for their day to day lives.Agriculture contribute about 3% of our GDP annual,most of the farming is carried out by commercial farmers.

  • What is saw when i visited my relatives who live in these Rural areas is that our people are not able to unlock the value of Agriculture because of lack resources and knowledge on how to turn communal farming into businesses and eliminate the wastage that is taking place in harvesting and transporting the crops to storage,while they are still waiting for the next sessions rains.Most of these farmers still use old ways of puting the seeds on ground ,they still use Hoes,Ploughs that are pulled by Cows or Donkeys.This way of farming limits these farmers on ploughing in bigger field,and the lack of knowledge on how to respond to ever changing weather patterns due to global warming leave these farmers vulnerable.
  • So to help our Rural farmers,i came up with an idea called Tractor on Demand.
  • Tractor on demand is a platform were our farmers in the Rural areas will use to request a tractor when they need it at a particular time.Tractor on demand will include information about workshop for the farmers,Knowledge about the rain in the coming session,how to transport and where to sell your crops after harvest .I want to connect our Rural farmers with the people with tractors and the market.
  • Tractor on demand intends to eliminate the use of Hoes and Cows during planting.This platform will leverage on the use of mobile to reach to wider range of farming areas,as almost everyone has a mobile in their hands.
  • The platform will be of the form of a Website or USD code because some of these farmers are not internet literate.
  • I will get the money buy offering a yearly subscription for the users of the platform.The subscription will be US$50 per customer per year.
  • As the business i won't be involved in the an exchange of money between the users of the platform.



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