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An estimated 77 million farmers cultivate their farms using traditional methods like human labour and animal traction in Nigeria. This translates to low food productivity per farmer, lower incomes and consequently inability to sustain healthy livelihoods. An estimated adult smallholder farmer population of 76,950,000 cultivating an average farm size of 0.5 hectares exists in Nigeria most of these farmers cannot afford the cost of mechanization using high powered machines. With TRACTORLY these farmers have a chance at increasing their productivity by using smaller machines with less energy needs but sufficient to boost their production capacity. TRACTORLY solves this problem by offering 'farm-specific' Mechanized equipment booking to smallholder and commercial farmers in Nigeria through pre-season booking points located in the farming communities .Farmers book for farm equipment that match their specific farm needs in terms of type of equipment, power and cost and TRACTORLY matches those needs to her network of farm equipment owners.With this increased productivity, farmers will be able to sustain better standards of living and afford to make healthier choices regarding food for their families.



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