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LEADERSHIP@VANTAGE exists to empower students to transition into leaders who will transform Africa. We target young people from communities that was traditionally left out in South Africa and empower them as leaders to compete in the 4th industrial revolution. We empower them with comprehensive Leadership Development, Software Programming and Forex Trading skills.

The purposes behind these strategically selected training areas, which includes 4 Programs of 7 Courses with 5 Sessions each, revolves around:


  • Developing partner: Iain Erasmus (LEADERSHIP@VANTAGE)
  • Purpose: To empower students with leadership abilities to be courageous and skillful entrepreneurs who will serve their communities and lead them to experience better lives.


  • Developing partner: Mathipa Makgato (DITHETO GROUP)
  • Purpose: To empower students with software programming skills to solve common problems and challenges experienced in their communities through computerized systems. Students are empowered to engage in internet-based business opportunities on a global level.


  • Developing partner: Ernest Klokow (FX ACADEMY)
  • Purpose: To empower students with financial literacy and forex trading skills to understand and use market volatility as a primary or secondary source of income. Students are empowered to raise funds through trading financial markets.

To make the greatest possible sustainable impact, we propose the following strategy:

Training a pilot group of 100 students (Costs involved: U$250,000.00)

  • Training the pilot group of students through all four Leadership Development, Software Programming and Forex Trading Programs over a 5 year period (age 16 to age 21).

To buy 3 Houses with renting facilities which is developed into Transformational Training Centers (Costs involved: U$750,000.00)

  • 50% of the annual rental income will be used for Sustainable Transformation through which we will train 150 students annually through our programs
  • 50% of the annual rental income will be used for maintenance and improvements to the Centers.
  • Daily webinar training related to the 4 programs for each strategic training area will be presented in schools with internet and computer facilities.

We will use the 3 Transformational Training Centers and its continuous impact through the rental facility strategy as foundation from which to engage corporate South Africa, the Department of Education and the Global community to ensure that schools across South Africa and Africa has access to internet and computer facilities and therefore also the webinar training.



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