Transforming Youths Through Technical Training.

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“Youth” is best understood as a period of transition from the dependence of childhood to adulthood’s independence and awareness of our interdependence as members of a community. Youth is a more fluid category than a fixed age-group.

My idea is mainly youth based. If we give youths a better platform eventually they will spread the knowledge to others. I have visited several rural places where youths were unemployed but there are Youth Clubs in most of the areas. Rural youths don't get any proper technical trainings. I have already attached a youtube link where a renowned organization was working with youths to fix some social issues. If we train and mentor the rural youths properly, they will build a Youth Club to spread the knowledge to other youths as well as community people. We also can find peer educators who will become the community ambassador in their community. Peer-educators are familiar to their own community. So, people will obey their awareness sessions. 

Personally, I talked with many youths in rural communities whom were very energetic but they didn't get the proper scope to implement their energy. If rural youths gets the technical pieces of training, they will teach the community people. As an example, a poor villager has two cows for selling milk. That way, he just sells milk at low costs to other villagers. But if trained youths link up him with the dairy farms, they will collect milk from him with a good price. As a result, the poor didn't have to go without food.

So, that was my idea of transforming youths through technical training. 



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