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When we have all means of transportation working at once ;it makes food goes down to the people and in rural area with good road road access instead of sleeping on the road for will get to the destination on time.its makes life for farmer.create a railway track that  will lead to the city

For farmers with big lands who do not have mobility .the government can set up a loan scheme for the farmers to get one.It will living.l be quite pleasant for them to ease their movement food from one place to another.instead of them paying a transporter.the loan should be at minimal profit so that it will be easy for them to pay.

Food preservation should be inculcated by every citizen .for food to be enough  for everybody both those at the urban rural area .when there is much within our hands let share with those that do not have .big stores and super market seeing that most of the items will soon expire . a week and some day two weeks time should try and share some of items .this will reduce the hunger the world will face.every imported goods seize by custom of a country that are edible and healthy should be given to the orphanage like Bag of Rice,Beans ,milk.Biscuits should not can be use to feed the homeless ,orphans .old ages home.

men and women should go into food production ,an encouragement in this aspect will make food production grow better.both urban and rural resident should go into it .it will bring healthy.people should be train how this food are produce and preserve .

Modern technology has evolve in terms of Food preservation .the government should enlighten the people about it.this modern technology do not work like ,there is need for constant power supply to make this modern technology valuable in this dispensation  for food preservation in modern ways. .

The Government should build public storage house for the food .so it will not waste ,this 

enlightenment of this issue is make our food healthy and enough for everyone in the least to bring waste of food at the minimal  level believe. we will stand tall and go far with this  plan as i said it. 

Good transport system,Modern technology,Easy access to loan,Good storage system for food,Encouraging everybody to go into food ceased food at the border that are healthy and edible to the orphans.



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