Transport of agricultural products

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Transport of agricultural products

In areas with extreme poverty and timely transport of agricultural products, it has an important impact.

Charity societies everywhere should no longer offer fish, but teach the poor to fish.

A much greater impact can be obtained if the aid will be in rolling wheels of cars and trailer axles, as is presented in Fig. 4

Millions of car wheels that are no longer good for car traffic are thrown annually. These wheels are perfect for transporting agricultural products. The rolling speed allows them to be used safely for many years in the agricultural environment. Charities sociaties  can engage people in collecting and then dispatching these car wheels that can no longer be used.

The wheels will be delivered along with the axles to be assembled. Several wheels can be delivered to a single axle in order to be exchangeable.

I found the answer to the transport problem even in poor areas. Figure 1 shows a trailer that is pulled by a donkey. It's the perfect picture.

In poor areas there are no financial resources for fuel, and animals are used.

As an engineer with rich expertise, I admired this trailer. It is designed to be lightweight, superintended to protect the animal and to play its role as an agricultural product.

In Figure 2 it is seen that neither these simple means are available. The grass is transported directly to the donkey's back.

There are many trailers on the market that are towed by cars. If they can no longer be used in industrial areas, these trailers can be sent to poor areas for transport agricultural products.



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