Transportation Solution to inclusive trade trough horses and donkeys

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Our pilot of the solution was made with children in rural areas, to guarantee access to education programs, more than that, we found that this solution is applicable around the world especially in our country Colombian, rural areas still amount to more than 60% of the total land, so education, peace, and transformation programs could improve the rural trade. In Latin America, the cacao and coffee industry requires the way to take out the products, and the access roads are deficient. Probably, the first thing all of us think to resolve the problem is to build more roads, but in these regions, this is utopic, when the Donkeys, Mules, and horses still the labor force and transportation in all these regions.

At all, introducing education programs, including entrepreneur and life skills is the first step to transform de trade and make it inclusive, as also another way to commercialize and take out their products, while we generate rooting for the countryside and agriculture jobs.



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