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The world is presently facing a global warming and climate change crisis as a result of human activities. Urban industrialization has produced a lot of waste in our environment and lack of proper waste disposal mechanisms has caused immense depletion of the ozone layer, which in turn leads to the deterioration of the atmosphere and biosphere of planet earth. Significant number of people are ignorant of the environmental impact of irresponsible refuse disposal, as a result of this turn to various hazardous means to dispose there waste e.g. burning of trash which could increase Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and lead to additional greenhouse gases, dumping trash on streets, dumping waste in sea, shredding and crushing, over filling dump sites and landfills etc. all these waste disposal mediums affect the earth we live in, the air we breath, the weather, life in water, life on land, plants, animals and even the sea and ocean levels. If this is left to continue would lead to disastrous environmental conditions in years to come.

The best waste disposal option is Recycling. Recycling involves converting wastes to new usable products instead of dumping them in the environment. With recycling we can reduce waste on land and in sea by 60% by the year 2030. Through recycling there would be less waste and hazardous gas emissions in our environment as industries would make use of more eco friendly energy conserving alternatives.

TRASHPAYS ( is Africa’s first online trash trading and recycling market hub. TRASHPAYS connects trash collectors with trash recyclers all over Africa and worldwide. One of the biggest problems we face in Africa is that a lot of people are not aware of the economic and environmental benefits of waste recycling. We choose to use TRASHPAYS as a bridge to sensitize and connect consumers (who are potential trash producers & collectors) to trash traders & recycling factories worldwide from the convenience of there mobile phones through the use of technology. This solution would drastically reduce wastes in our environment, create wealth and help reduce climate change problems. TRASHPAYS through our online platform also promotes the trading of recycled products (products produced from recycled materials) as we believe this would further encourage the youths to think of more creative ways to make use of waste rather than harming the environment. Our goal is to have a minimum of 1 trash collector/recycler in every African home by 2030

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